TRON LEGENDS has developed the following rules for the use and participation of users on the platform.

  1. TRON LEGENDS is an economic game that can only be played by adults.
  2. TRON LEGENDS guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the user's personal data.
  3. If the user is not satisfied with the investment conditions provided by TRON LEGENDS, he must refuse to register.
  4. TRON LEGENDS is responsible for the distribution of funds provided by the user and has the right to use them exclusively for their intended purpose and to ensure their activities.
  5. TRON LEGENDS is not responsible for mistakes made by the user when making transactions, and does not pay compensation for lost funds.
  6. TRON LEGENDS is solely responsible for the safety of personal data provided by the user.
  7. TRON LEGENDS website, content and tools are copyrighted.
  8. During the registration procedure on the TRON LEGENDS website, the user must provide accurate personal data.
  9. The user is personally responsible for any transactions with funds. If you have any questions regarding the movement of funds, the investor has the right to contact the TRON LEGENDS technical support service.
  10. The user has the right to register only one account from one IP address. Registration of more than one account is prohibited. If TRON LEGENDS discovers a violation of this clause, all investor accounts will be blocked, and the funds in the account will be frozen without the right to recover in full.
  11. The user undertakes to carry out investment activities in compliance with all international law. It is prohibited to use funds obtained illegally to complete transactions.
  12. The user is personally responsible for compliance with the tax laws of the country of residence.
  13. TRON LEGENDS has the right to make changes to these rules at any time with the immediate placement of updates in this section.
  14. TRON LEGENDS has the right to terminate the agreement on joint activities with the user unilaterally if he does not comply with the rules or carries out illegal activities.


To take part in the economic game, you need to register on the platform, replenish the balance, buy a champion, wait for the accrual of profit, and after the accrual of profit, withdraw it to your account.
To create an account, you must fill out the registration form on the site, login, email address and come up with a password to enter your account. Also, inside the cabinet, you must specify the addresses of wallets for payment and withdrawal of profits.
Each investor can register only one account. An attempt to create two or more accounts is tantamount to fraud and the administration has the right to block such accounts.
The personal account displays all the information, as well as the accrued profit and the available balance for withdrawing funds.
TRON LEGENDS supports: Coinpayments.
Profit is accrued every second.
After accrual of profit, it goes to the balance. Withdrawal of profit is carried out instantaneously, that is, immediately after submitting a withdrawal request. As a last resort, in the event of a failure of payment systems, funds are withdrawn after the payment system is resumed in manual mode. The wait can be up to 48 hours.
To make a profit without investment, you need to take part in an affiliate program. There are also additional opportunities for making a profit for participants actively promoting the project.
If you have any questions regarding how TRON LEGENDS works, you can contact support. The response time is 24 hours. In case of weekends and holidays, the expectation of a response increases to 48 hours.
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